The Lessons

Initials: starting with a theoretical-practical class on the ground, kite control, control in the wind window, launch and landing, first stage of body drag downwid and up wind, beginnings with a board, navigation for and against the wind, selfrescue and independent navigation.


Intermediate: postural improvement, transitions, corrections in the close, assistance and practices. 


Advanced: downwinds, start of jumps, freestyle tricks, unhook, beginnings surfboard, beginning hydrofoil.

Our destinations have to offer different spots so you can learn and navigate in different conditions. The sea is ideal for the infinite space it offers and the lagoons for its flat, shallow water.


In Cumbuco: Sea, lagoons of Tabuba, Cauipe and Taiba.

In Ilha do Guajiru: Sea and lagoon.

Learn in the sea and lagoons

2019/2020 Equipment

Did you know that you will learn with the latest Kite equipment in the market?


F-One and Meraki Kitesurf come together so you can learn with the best and most current kite and offer you at the end of your trip equipment with special discounts.


Cavok also joins the Meraki Kitesurf Team with its new Argentine-made boards and state-of-the-art designs

Surf & Hydrofoil

Kitesurfing is a sport in constant evolution, and since a few years ago Surf boards and the new Hydrofoil boards were added when there is less wind for the more adventurous.

If you already do Kite with biderection board and want to learn these new styles, our instructors will teach you!

Transfers in 4x4

Where we want to go is not an impediment! Meraki Kitesurf has its own transfers in 4x4.

Going to the lagoons, or to the distant beaches by alternative routes or paths does not imply more than loading everything on the roof and taking a trip!

After our trusted transfers bring you from the airport to the Pousada, we will be waiting for you with a welcome drink and a gift kit, including a sun hat, a UPF + 50 lycra, stickers and bandages so that Do not lose your glasses while kitesurfing!



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